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“Fine Orthodontics is an all around great place. I always looked forward to my visits not only because I knew that they would make my smile better than I could imagine, but also because everyone in the office is so genuinely nice. I always left feeling happier than I was when I walked through the door, and I have the smile of my dreams to show as a result.” —Shannon

“The thought of a child having to go through jaw surgery is daunting. I learned that the orthodontist is an integral part of the equation. Fine Orthodontics came very highly recommended from both orthodontists and surgeons alike. Our experience was nothing short of exceptional, and I could not have wished Shannon in better hands… he truly is the best!” —Jeanne

“As a 22 year-old with crooked teeth and a lot of crowding, I was extremely self-conscious about my smile. However, as a young adult I did not want traditional metal braces. Fine Orthodontics was understanding, patient, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Given my circumstances, they suggested lingual braces, which are placed behind your teeth. It was the best decision I have ever made, because they delivered the same results as traditional braces but no one knew they were there! I highly recommend them. Because of their amazing work, I cannot stop smiling!” —Krista

“Drs. Fine and Eder did a fantastic job on my son’s teeth. They transformed his mouth. He now has a gorgeous smile thanks to them!” —Michele

“Will never ever forget Dr. Fine and the “fine” staff he has. My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and what he did with her mouth is nothing short of a miracle but more than that it was the support of him and his team that made some of the most difficult times so much easier. It’s many years later now and I still thank him every time I look at her” —Kathy

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